Cowlculator - it's simply bovine
Frequently Answered Questions

Welcome to the FAQ for  A-grazingly, them there common folk have been known to ask certain questions about our field, and so we've herded them together for you to digest.


Questions and Answers

How is a reasonable person expected to pronounce "Cowlculator?"
Just the same as a person would reasonably pronounce the word "calculator."

What does the word "moorvolous" mean?
In bovinian vernacular, it means "marvolous."

Why math?
Math is peaceful, and fits well with cows who are also naturally peaceful (there's a subtle reference to South Park buried in there somewhere, but we'd prefer not to dig into it).

What is the significance of the number 48,879?
In the famous computational base-16 numbering system known as "hexadecimal," the number 48,879 is expressed as "beef."

Do you really think this web site is funny?
No.  We know it's funny.

Is that an electric fence shown at the bottom of the page?
That white picket fence, which was donated by The Canadian Lumber Cartel, is not an electric fence.

What technology is used to run this web site?
Perl, ModPerl, Apache web server, and more.  The full details can be found here.

Why does the format sometimes look different in Internet Explorer?
We've gone to great lengths to try to make the dynamic content appear consistently in all web browsers.  Unfortunately there are some things that Internet Explorer fails to do and we've lost interest in trying to fix them with complicated work-arounds that aren't always reliable, so we highly recommend using a modern web browser instead that consistently supports current internet standards, such as one of the popular free ones like Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari which are all available from (please don't send us any more letters claiming that we're mistaken, because we truly are fed up with the frustration involved in trying to support broken proprietary software).
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